Guide to Sustainable Activewear Brands

What are the best activewear brands?
For many people, this is a question that they get asked quite often and it is not always an easy one to answer. The answer is actually more complicated than what is first believed because there is no single "best activewear brand" or "sustainable activewear brand". A guide to sustainable gym wear brands for your workout will therefore have to consider several factors so as to come up with a short list of potential names.
To begin with, it should be noted that not all activewear brands are made in environmentally friendly ways. Some companies are very aware of the profit they can make by selling unsafe fashions and use low cost materials in order to reduce the price of the garments. Other companies view their activitywear as a market where they can launch a number of competing designs and try to make a name for themselves in the competitive field. This means that you can find some activewear brands that are eco-friendly and there are also some that are not. So

So how do you know what activewear brands are green?
You will have to look at several aspects to get a shortlist. First, you have to look at the manufacturing process and see how it is done. Most activewear companies do not use hazardous products in their production process and this is reflected in their manufacturing labels and in the final product that you end up wearing.
Second, you should also look at the kind of material that was used for the production of the garments. Some activewear brands are made from organic cotton, while most use other natural materials like hemp, bamboo and cotton. Thirdly, you should consider the way that the company has organised its supply chain. The company with the best supply chain is going to be able to provide you with the best quality products at the lowest prices.

What are some green activewear companies?
The answer is simple - Reebok, Adidas, Nike, Skieradio, Cybex and a few others. All these companies have a high quality of production and their products are durable and stylish. These companies sell great quality apparel that is fashionable as well as affordable.
So how can you choose one green activewear brand over another? First, look at the price. The best sustainable activewear brands can cost you a bit more than the conventional activewear brands but the difference in the quality is worth it. The other important thing to consider when choosing a green activewear brand is the level of commitment that the company displays in terms of making green products.
Do they use environmentally friendly raw materials or do they exploit the poor people of the developing world? Do they make sure that all of their workers are protected? The last thing that you want to do is to invest your money in a company that exploits poor people and then finds ways of disposing of their waste cheaply. Make sure that your choice of an eco-friendly brand supports and promotes social justice and environmental responsibility.

How do you choose the best guide to sustainable activewear brands for your activewear needs?
First, make sure that the company manufacturing your product has a socially responsible policy. Second, make sure that the material that is used does not harm the environment in any way. You may also want to invest in a guide to sustainable activewear brands for your kids to keep them safe from harm and to encourage them to choose green clothes. Finally, if you want to buy wholesale clothing at discount prices, you may want to check out the Rainforest Alliance website.

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